The N^3 Report

The N^3 Report


Hi-Res Image (7MB)
Each block within the larger montage is an introductory segment montage sampled at 30 frames per
second. Each row shows a 5 year span with two shows per year.

Row 1+2 = 1980s
Row 3+4 = 1990s
Row 5+6 = 2000s



Andrew Wilson | PhD student, Art History, UCSD
Andy Rice | PhD student, Communication, UCSD
Lara Bullock | PhD student, Art History, UCSD
Chris Head | MMFA student, Visual Art, UCSD
Tara Zepel | PhD student, Art History, UCSD



The N^3 Report presents a meta-broadcast of the NBC Nightly News (1980-2008) unpacked by cultural analytics. Through techniques examining visual characteristics and technological shifts that both are and are not obvious to the human eye, the N^3 Report performs what could be called “producer measurement systems” in search of visual patterns, trends, or variations and asks what defines the “look” of the news institution over the past 50 years. How and when did aesthetic changes take place? And what might be the “look” of the future? See more here.